Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Where are you Daniel?

One thing that is interesting about the law school ranking B.S. published by USNews&WR is the absense of anyone to really blow the whistle that could put an end to the elitist-biased and deceptive process. I mean someone like Chesterfield Smith in the Nixon era or Daniel Elsberg and the Pentagon Papers. Actually, I am trying to think of an incident of political courage when the actor was bound to take heat but was willing to. I sure there may have been one (or several) in the last 40 years but it is hard to think of someone and in this case the stakes are so much smaller.

I'd like to see about 10 university presidents from highly ranked schools say they will not particpate. But I will not hold my breath because almost every academic I know treats life like a negotiation. You don't give unless you get.

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