Friday, October 8, 2010

Grooming or Substance

One of the things that turn the heads of law school hiring committees is good grooming. I do not mean brushing your teeth or wearing clean clothes. I mean the grooming that takes place at elite schools. These finishing schools equip people with correct mannerisms, socially strategic instincts, the right references, a close to the vest style and the ability to talk about various theories that only some people know about. In many ways I increasing think this described Obama. I voted for him but so far all I can see is someone who did well in the grooming system.

The same is true for some law faculty. They can be charming and seem to have a great depth of knowledge until you scratch the surface. It a bit like someone impressing you by being fluent in a foreign language. Then when you get to know the language yourself you find out that they are actually reciting a menu.

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