Monday, September 19, 2011

Justice O'Connor's Gardener

I did not attend the period celebration of Sandra that we have here but here is an excerpt from the Gainesville Sun. The reporter usually gets it right.

"About half of U.S. states no longer require civics classes, she said. She contrasted that fact with the requirement that new citizens pass a written exam about government.

"Our high school graduates cannot pass that test," she said. "I mean, it's appalling we make some stranger pass it but we don't require it of our own children.""

So here is the deal. If you are a naturalized citizen, you are a stranger -- not one of "our children." That is, if you were born here and had no choice but to be an American, you are one of us. If you chose to come here, did a crap job for years, learned some English, and passed an exam you are a stranger.

Sandra's (people delight in being in the realm of those permitted to say Sandra.) classism and entitlement tendencies are showing. There are those of us born to be on the inside and then there are strangers -- the little people who work in her yard, no doubt

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